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Welcome to Conservative Cornerstones: How to Write Inspirational, Imaginative, and Wholesome Fiction: Finding Conservative Thought in Olde Books! I greet thee, kind reader, and welcome thee and thine. If you have a heart for imaginative, inspirational, and wholesome literature, please check out my marketplace for my authored books, and read my commentaries on writing updates, including finding conservative thought in books I read and exploring the great world of simple wholesome living in imaginative ways. Be pleased to peruse this website at your own liberty, and if you are interested in understanding more of what I mean by “conservative thought” or “simple wholesome living”, then please continue reading my “Authoring Conservatism” post.

The proprietor Joshua Reynolds (me) is currently finishing the revision of his fifth novel. It is a book that will take place in the fifteenth century during the late Medieval time-period. Check news for more.

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Stop Getting Bored With Your Novel and Write Something That Exceeds Your Own Imagination

If you suffer from a lack of inspiration… if you cannot seem to get through the first draft of your story… if you are daily frustrated by your writing and your book isn’t measuring up to the way you imagined it to be… if you want your story to be more imaginative, inspirational, and wholesome… then this message is just for you. Here’s why…

In Writing Imagination Academy, I take you through a step by step process on how to write a good novel from beginning to end, and this process works! I have accomplished it many times. Not only do I get you past all the levels and layers of writer’s block and how to find your story from inspiration, but I also show you what a truly good novel entails and how to give your story a redeeming theme that will last a lifetime in the hearts of your readers.

As you have already realized, there is a cost to writing stories with no proper inspiration and imagination…

If You Continue Struggling Through Your Novel With No Sense of Direction, Your Book Will Not Get Better

What most beginner writers do when facing Writer’s Block or a lack of inspiration and imagination is write a page here or there – or even shelve the project for a while. But for most people, none of that works.

  • They drag their first draft out until they finally quit.
  • Their book sounds disjointed because they only write now and then.
  • In the end, their story doesn’t match up with how they envisioned it and so they are dissatisfied with it.

And what happens when you just do nothing? When you just keep dragging out your story? Your novel will lie in tatters, and you will never accomplish your dream of publication. Worse, if you publish your story before revising it, you will be unsatisfied with the book. Your readers will be exhausted to read one chapter, and your ratings on Amazon and Goodreads will turn negative.

How I Teach Writing

I found an answer that works. Here’s the story: After years of writing, I began to realize that the reason why a lot of literature being written today is not long-lasting is because people don’t know how to write a story. They don’t know what good storytelling actually is and what it isn’t. What’s more, those who do know what good storytelling is often can’t seem to plow through the first draft of their story. I’ve had this problem before; one of my published book’s first drafts was shelved in bits and pieces for nearly a year before I went back and refined it for publication.

All this led me to a conclusion: People need to be trained in what good storytelling is and how to achieve it. In six constructed modules of Writing Imagination Academy, I lead you from conceptualizing your story through your own inspiration to a finished manuscript that is ready for publication. You’re in the driver’s seat! I’m just sitting in the passenger seat navigating you to your own destination. What if you could see your dreams brought down on paper and for free in a YouTube playlist! Forget the major costs of book consultants and editors!

Good Stories Have Stood the Test of Time

Here’s what good storytelling does for people… It is through storytelling that we perceive much of the world around us – stories that are real as well as stories that aren’t real but that could be real. Understanding what good storytelling is and how to write and think it helps immensely in our daily lives. If we immerse ourselves in bad stories, then the results will be an unhealthy life. Yet, good stories do the exact opposite! After learning good storytelling, inspiration for stories increases, imagination is easily shared with others through storytelling, and one has a deeper understanding and appreciation for the wholesomeness that creates healthy society.

Finally, It’s Your Turn

If you watch my Writing Imagination Academy playlist, you’ll get the key to…

  • Understanding what good storytelling is.
  • writing a story from beginning to end that exceeds your expectations.
  • Making writing an enjoyable, inspired, and fun task.
  • Understanding how you gain imagination and inspiration for stories from things around you.

Together, we will…

  • Explore your imagined and inspired images.
  • Create your outline.
  • Find the keys to good storytelling
  • Make the perfect beginning for your story
  • Write your first draft.
  • Revise your story.

That’s right – many people charge these services for thousands of dollars. I’m giving it to you for free!

All you have to do is watch my YouTube videos. The main five modules are free on my channel! I give another pre-module that you can only access if you sign up to my email list, but you can watch the five main modules now. I advise watching the pre-module because it gives invaluable information on everything you will need to do before beginning your outline and first draft, which is quite a lot! By signing up to my email list, you will receive the free Pre-Module, a writing checklist, and a free eBook besides. Once you’ve watched the course videos (for free) your first draft should be completed, and you should have a great path to revising your story for publication! The last module explains how to revise and smooth your completed book draft out into a finished manuscript, and from there, the road consists of merely applying everything you have learned.

The five main modules are found on my YouTube channel. Click here for a link to the whole playlist!

Once you’ve watched the video training, send me an email with any questions. Describe your idea for a story in a couple paragraphs. Make the email as long or short as you want it to be. All I really want to know is what your story is generally about, a few things the main characters might do, and some idea of your story setting. I would love to hear your ideas and send any free tips I can back to you!

100% Free!

Don’t worry about paying all those fees from webinars you’ve been watching on how to write a book. Writing a book should be a process that doesn’t take your money.

It’s Decision Time

You have a choice to make: Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all). You know where that will lead. An unfinished book. Negative reviews. And dissatisfaction with your own manuscript. Take a new action, and get a new result. Watch my Writing Imagination Academy free videos. Finally get the story you have imagined in your head to a completed manuscript that will exceed your own expectations.

Commit to finishing your story! Sign up to my email list for the pre-module, and watch my free video training. If you want extra help, send me an email with your story idea and any questions/comments you might have. I’ll try to give you all the tips I can!


hE charis tou kurio iEsou christou meth humOn.

The grace of our Lord Jesus
Christ [be] with you.