In the Hands of the Editors

Dear Reader,

My second book titled Treasure on the Southern Moor is currently in the hands of the editors of my publisher Xulon Press. I should have the returned manuscript approved in a few weeks, and then it is off to the printers! I am also working with the designer on cover design work. The book should be in the bookstore in around a month’s time.

I am also here linking to my brother’s blog, which is titled Commonwealth Crossings. He has recently been away to England for nine months doing research for his PhD, which is specializing in eighteenth century coffee houses. There is a mountain of history and English knowledge to be had by reading his writings, and I highly recommend! The pictures are stunning, and that coupled with his videos and stories have given the rest of my family and I a window into old and new English living and culture. I will also be putting this link at the end of my “About the Proprietor” page for now.


hE charis tou kurio iEsou christou meth humOn.

The grace of our Lord Jesus
Christ [be] with you.

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