Treasure on the Southern Moor – Edit almost complete!

I have completed chapters one through thirteen of my book Treasure on the Southern Moor and should have the remaining three chapters completed by the end of tomorrow! Then I will read through the manuscript one more time for final approval before sending the final work into production. Once the book is in production, I will be making decisions on what the final cover work will look like and how the typeset will appear. So far, this means that I am ahead of schedule and should have my book in print before September 1st. Stay tuned!

I put together a video advertising both my books The Williams House and Treasure on the Southern Moor. It’s a little rugged at parts, yet it was a first attempt at reading my own writing into the lens of a camera. I plan to continue making more videos in subsequent days. The British accent was way off at parts, but was passable at others. Enjoy!


Also, remember that I have sample pages of both my books uploaded on my website! Please check them out: The Williams HouseTreasure on the Southern Moor Also, please share this Williams House Ad! Please peruse this website, there’s a lot of side pages!


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