Watch Chapter 6 of my Book The Williams House

Continuing my series on reading select chapters of my published book, The Williams House. This is chapter six, titled Winter Wonder. Listen as snow covers the ground and brings the cold of winter. The Williams children listen to a symphony and create their own in the candle light, playing many a Christmas hymn. They drink hot chocolate after a cold row out in the snow and watch as the moonlight threads its way into the attic where the music is bouncing off of ever wall and dancing with the children in their delight.

Also, a quick note on my book Treasure on the Southern Moor: I am nearing the half-way point in my final read-through after the editors have turned my manuscript back over to me. I plan to submit it in production this coming Wednesday (August 16) at the latest. In the meantime, check out it’s sample pages and look up its information on my bulletin board and bookstore!

For sample pages of The Williams House, click here. Enjoy the video!


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