Solar Eclipse – Nature Blogging

Hello everyone!

I hope you enjoyed the solar eclipse! In the end, I am glad that I did not go to the path of totality, as I heard that 80% of that path was under a cloud cover today. Where I live, the eclipse reached 80% to totality, and though it did not get quite dark, the lighting did change quite a pit. Unfortunately, the pictures do not quite do it justice, yet you can still see differences. Several of the pictures look as though there is a cloud cover, even though the skies were clear! And even though my small camera’s shots of the eclipse wasn’t the best, you still can see a shot of the crescent sun.

The first few pictures were taken before the eclipse took place so you can see how bright a day it was. Then, as you progress through the reel, you can see shade take over.I hope you enjoy!


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