Chapter 15 Treasure on the Southern Moor – Ending Series!

Chapter 15, titled The Adventures at Mazagan, brings the faithful crew to the reality that hoards of treasure brings trouble. Yet by the end of this chapter, they still find their venture worthwhile. A single crate stuffed with treasure now remains in their possession, and they find themselves shorthanded in sailing again.

Here are the next videos in my series of reading select chapters of my book Treasure on the Southern Moor. Note that I had to split this video up into two parts because of complications with my video editor. You can find out the latest update regarding this book here. Please also purchase my book The Williams House. Check out more information in my bookstore!

I have decided to end this series with this video. If you want to see if the faithful crew makes it back to Plymouth, and if they have any treasure when they arrive, wait for the book to come out in print! For more information on where I am in production, check out this post.

Back description:
.     The thrill of the sea – the song of the ocean winds – out sails and up anchor! – guided by the compass and stars – as a poet once said, “to the lonely sea and sky”. It is the eighteenth century, and the sailing vessel is the only way to travel the raging seas. The Southern Moor sets sails from England to Africa with a crew of forty-two persons, guided by a captain with his son and daughter, where those of the trusted crew hope to find treasure with only the guidance of a map an old friend of the captain’s had given him and a handful of the treasure itself, brought back from the African shoreline. With the smell of cooking from the galley, you may find them about on the weather decks reefing the sails or lashing down the ship’s boats, or listen to the captain play on his fipple flute with the accompaniment of the cello and violin. Hear the ocean waves lap against the bows, or have cataracts of sea water come flooding over the main deck in the midst of a raging storm.
.     In Plymouth, England, there are those few friends of the captain who wonder if he will ever return. Is the Southern Moor, newly finished vessel and never before tested in the ocean waters, strong enough to sail through storms and cannon fire to reach the warm lands of the African shoreline and make the same journey back? With all of its rectangular sails billowing in the wind, bowsprit brass tip of heather shining in the sunlight, and the polish of the wood shining without a fingerprint to be seen, the Southern Moor leaves the harbor of Sutton Pool to test itself in the ocean and plough the stormy seas. . .

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Final artwork for Treasure on the Southern Moor:

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