Marketing for Autumn Time


Hello everyone! Well, we near the end of summer. Many have already counted summer over, though technically autumn does not begin until September 22nd. Yet, school students have gone back to school, and the cold months are not too far around the corner here in Michigan.

This time provides a perfect segue from my summer work to my autumn work. Over the course of this summer, I have been very busy laying a foundation for marketing my first two published books, The Williams House and Treasure on the Southern Moor. Now, I can ease up a little bit to devote more time to writing my third book. The below is a video outline where I’ve been and where I’m planning to go from here. I did not mention how often I will blog over the next several months in the video, though you can expect three or so posts a week, starting next week. Have a wonderful autumn, and I’ll be seeing you in posts and videos to come!


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