Children’s Hour

The reason why I am late again at posting my weekend Children’s Hour post is because I have begun to launch other websites in addition to this one. I am still considering this website to be the parent website for now (because it is the most established), yet that may change in time. I will definitely keep you all up to date with my other websites! So far, the only two that are completed are these two; please check them out!

My rebroadcasting and summarizing site:

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A Very Odd Fish

Granny and I with dear Dadu,
Went rambling on the shore;
With pebbles smooth and cockleshells
We filled his pinafore.

Beneath the stones and in the pool
We found, to our delight,
Shrimps, periwinkles, and a most
Voracious appetite.
~D’arcy Wentworth Thompson

A Friend in the Garden

He is not John the gardener,
And yet the whole day long
Employs himself most usefully,
The flower beds among.

He is not Tom the pussy cat,
And yet the other day,
With stealthy stride and glistening eye,
He crept upon his prey.

He is not Dash the dear old dog,
And yet, perhaps, if you
Took pains with him and petted him,
You’d come to love him too.

He’s not a blackbird, though he chirps,
And though he once was black;
And now he wears a loose grey coat,
All wrinkled on the back.

He’s got a very dirty face,
And very shining eyes;
He sometimes comes and sits indoors;
He looks – and p’r’aps is – wise.

But in a sunny flower bed
He has a fixed abode;
He eats the things that eat my plants-
He is a friendly TOAD.
~Juliana Horatia Ewing

A Crown of Wildflowers

‘Twist me a crown of wildflowers
That I may fly away
To hear the singers at their song,
And players at their play.’

‘Put on your crown of wildflowers;
But whither would you go?’
‘Beyond the surging of the sea
And the storms that blow.’

‘Alas! your crown of wildflowers
Can never make you fly;
I twist them in a crown today,
And tonight they die.’
~Christina Rossetti

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