Mr. Williams Monologue – Added Scene

Hello reader! If you have read The Williams House, the below is meant to be spoken to you.

“Come in, come in on this cold November night. Where do you come from? I say, you’ve had a long road to travel. Please, come to our fireplace in our great family room. Would you like some tea? The kettle was singing only a couple minutes ago. Timothy, take <YOUR NAME>’s coat and hang it in our back hallway. Some of the youngers are already in bed as they were rather tired, and the olders will have to be in bed soon as tomorrow is of course a school day.

“What’s that? Oh, yes, our two leaf piles; rather gigantic, but we’ll be burning them this Saturday. It took two Saturday’s work just to pile them up, though it was mostly the children that did it. Do you like honey or sugar as your sweetener? Honey is my favorite sweetener as well, good! It’s local honey. I think there are also some popovers that are warm. Would you like some?

“Well, we’ve lived in this house for four years now, I should think – came over from England’s shores, you know. You could probably guess the accent. . . .”

He and you talk for two hours time until the fire in the large brick fireplace has died to embers. The older children: Lilly, Ann, Will, Johnathon, and Timothy have went to bed, and your own eyes have become droopy after your second mug of tea. Mr. Williams’s voice tolls on in your head until you realize that he is ushering you to the back hall for your coat. You bid him goodbye, and he bids you safe travels on your journey.

“Have a good night, sir/madam, and safe travels!

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