Thanksgiving Ideas from The Williams House

Here are two story snippets around food! The audio recording tells of the great Thanksgiving Feast the Williamses eat in the story.

Before long, supper was served, and many were surprised by the meal. There was steaming roast beef and cold ham, meatloaf, a large dish of cheesy potatoes, freshly baked bread, blueberry muffins (the large kind with real blueberries in them), and for dessert, a type of Danish tart with white frosting on the top and a wonderful cream inside. Mrs. Williams had apparently kept busy while the children had been preparing for the play. Mr. Williams had been detained with work and was not able to make it home till late that evening after the children had already been put in bed. Though the children missed his presence, they knew that they would be able to tell and probably even perform the play for him soon. They chatted about this as they feasted and laughed, filled with insane merriment after their sober concentration for their performance.

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