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As I continue working on to the end of this year, one marketing venue I have been working to improve is my YouTube channel. It is still a little below professional quality, yet I have been cranking out several videos a week and probably have the quality about as good as it can get with my current camera. I plan to be switching tactics next semester and instead of creating six videos a week, create and release two videos a week. One will be less quality, and the other I will be implementing a new strategy to improve its quality. We’ll see where all that goes, but for now, I thought I would leave you with the last few videos that are hot off the presses!


This last video is very special to me now that our dear Rev. Dr. RC Sproul has passed from this life to be with His Holy Lord and Savior. When I created this video (it’s takes some time from filming to publication), I had no idea that within a few weeks, RC Sproul would die. I know his preaching has affected so many. The below text was a very small tribute I gave him in the comments section of a couple of the Ligonier Ministries YouTube channel videos:

I think that RC Sproul has been the most influential Christian in the Reformed faith since the Westminster assembly first drafted the Westminster Standards. He has definitely been the most influential contemporary theologian in my family’s understanding of what reformed teaching is. May God raise up another man like RC Sproul to continue preaching in full strength and with similar zeal the truth and essence of reformed theology. I’m glad that Ligonier ministries is prepared to continue without their dear and faithful leader, and I also realize the difficult standard by which they must measure up to in his absence. God bless the Sproul family.

I could not end this note without also giving gratitude for RC’s optimistic eschatological teachings, as I am a Postmillennialist, and my father taught me much of what I know about the Olivet Discourse from RC Sproul’s sermons on it.

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