RC Sproul has Entered Eternal Rest

Our beloved RC Sproul has passed from this world into the next, and has indeed met the holy God that he proclaimed to millions through the Word preached while he was on earth. What tribute could I give to this giant of the faith when so many have already spoken on his behalf?

I think that RC Sproul has been the most influential Christian in the Reformed faith since the Westminster assembly first drafted the Westminster Standards. If he were still here on this earth, he would undoubtedly immediately suggest that surely such great men such as Jonathan Edwards, Charles Hodge,  or J Gresham Machen would have to be placed before him. I could not begin to attempt to weigh such men against each other. What I do know is this: RC Sproul has definitely been the most influential contemporary theologian in my family’s understanding of what reformed teaching is, and even probably the most influential reformed theologian for myself in all of history. He was genuine, honest, and knowledgeable in doctrine and how to apply it, and he used the resources God had given to him well, not burying his talent in the ground, but producing many more talents to give back into the hands of his heavenly Father. May God raise up another man like RC Sproul to continue preaching in full strength and with similar zeal the truth and essence of reformed theology. I’m glad that Ligonier ministries is prepared to continue without their dear and faithful leader, and I also realize the difficult standard by which they must measure up to in his absence. God bless the Sproul family.

I could not end this note without also giving gratitude for RC’s optimistic eschatological teachings, as I am a Postmillennialist, and my father taught me much of what I know about the Olivet Discourse from RC Sproul’s sermons on it.

Let us pray that the reformed church is not hindered, thwarted, or caused to suffer in RC Sproul’s passing! The Word of the Lord endures forever.

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