Happy New Year for Conservative Cornerstones

Conservative Cornerstones desires to wish you all a Happy New Year!

As this year begins, I am working on getting some gear together for the coming semester of marketing. It will take me a couple weeks before I’m ready to get back into the full swing of things, yet until then, I plan to keep up with my blog posts.

One thing I will be (Deo Volente) upgrading is YouTube! Gone will be the days when my YouTube videos will be grainy and poor-quality. I spent many an hour last semester trying to improve the quality of low-quality equipment. Yet, this will soon change and will allow me to divert more of my time to writing.

As for my third novel, it is coming along, and I have a plan now that should take me to the finished product. I’m writing two drafts simultaneously right now, and then I will overhaul the second draft to make a third draft. The third draft should then be ready to turn in to the editors!

God bless your new year, and I will see you in posts and videos to come!

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