A Collection of Williams’ Breakfasts

The Williams House; Chapter 2: The Start of School; Pg. 35

.     “I wonder what’s for breakfast,” said Will, changing the subject before a row began.
.     But he did not wonder long, for just then, mother brought in several trays from the kitchen, announcing that breakfast was ready. The food must have been kept warm very well, for though Margaret, Susan, and Maria had already had breakfast, the sausages were still steaming. And the sausages were just one of the trays; there was nearly every good breakfast food present (that is, there is always more one could eat easily for breakfast, but it felt and tasted like a complete set, and the children could not have eaten more had they wanted to). There were sausages, sausage rolls, and sweet sausages that were glazed with maple syrup. There were hard-boiled eggs, fried eggs, toast, buttered rolls, and a complicated dish that had fried bacon, mushrooms, and cheese. For drink, there was orange juice, apple juice, milk, and a light tea that had been refrigerated the day before. Two dishes of fruit also sat in the center of the table, laden with pears, oranges, and apples, and the children were required to at least pick one fruit each.

The Williams House; Chapter 3: At the Library; Pgs. 70-71

.     “I’m afraid it’s cold muesli and canned fruit, today,” said their mother. “We have a busy morning and afternoon.”
.     Will and Johnathon poured their muesli and milk. (If you haven’t had muesli, you should try it. It’s a mixture of raw oats and other grains, fresh fruits, dried fruits, and can be sweetened by sugar, honey, cream, or anything else that you think might taste well.) Then the olders started eating and generally stared blankly around the room, yawning fiercely every few moments.

The Williams House; Chapter 4: The Bentley Family; Pgs. 100-101

.     It was on a Saturday morning, feeling briskly in the air, when some of the olders had gotten up before the youngers and were currently eating a quiet breakfast of pancakes and maple syrup. Morning sunlight was streaming through the large window by the small breakfast table they were currently using.
.     “Mum’s gone to the store,” said Lilly to Johnathon who had just gotten up and reached the table. He had a pile of pancakes on his plate, and the syrup was running all over it.
.     “I suppose Father won’t be up for a while,” he said as he sat down. “He had a late work night last night.”
.     “We’ve been ordered to clear the leaves,” said Will.
.     “All of them?!?” exclaimed Johnathon.
.     “Yes,” said Will, “but we will be gaining some help soon. The Bentley’s will be coming over in about an hour to help, and then afterwards we’ll be going over to their place to help with their yard.”
.     “That shouldn’t take long,” said Johnathon.
.     “Yes,” said Ann as she sighed, “but this will take a while.” She pointed outside.
.     “Well, we’ll just have to make the best of it,” said Will. “We can plow into it long before the Bentleys arrive. It shouldn’t take more than half the afternoon. Then we can go over there.”
.     Johnathon cut up his pancakes and started eating. “Will Father be helping?”
.     “No,” said Will. “He had more work to do. He’ll be helping with the Bentley’s place though. I think they’ve invited us over to dinner.”
.     Will got up and took his plate to the sink. “It’s a true clear day, at last,” he noted. “And with no rain yesterday, the leaves should be dry enough.”
.     Johnathon continued eating. The pancakes were hot and warming down to the toes, and the syrup was extra sweet. There were sausages on the side, still steaming from the dish. Nearly everyone else was done in five more minutes, and Johnathon had to hurry. He was still done before Timothy or any of the youngers were up, and quickly he slunk into his room and changed his clothes, putting on a plaid checkered pattern shirt for the workday.

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