Does Anyone Else Want to Reform Literature?

This is my mission: Reform literature to be more imaginative, inspirational, and wholesome. This means returning to older forms of fiction literature. Get rid of this new-fangled narcissistic dark fantasy/sci-fi stuff and return to old forms of fairytale, historical fiction, and adventures of the ordinary daily life. Write stories that give sustenance and redemption and that show what a truly good character is like.

So many prior posts of mine explain why I write the sort of literature that I do and why it matters. Now, the question is, does anyone else share my joy for writing truly good tales that describe imaginatively what conservative Christian living is all about?

The libraries and New York bestseller lists are filled these days with bad stories and poor storytelling. Don’t get me wrong; I think that there are good stories being written, but the bad stories are drowning out the voice of those stories that really matter. Storytelling is important because it is through storytelling that we perceive much of the world around us – stories that are real as well as stories that aren’t real but that could be real.

The question is: What sort of fiction will encourage healthy society, and what sort of fiction encourages an ill society? I have outlined before that the theme of redemption and the theme of sustenance are the two greatest points of storytelling, and these two themes are sown together using imaginative and descriptive scenes.

Literature should help the reader to interpret the world rightly and not how to escape it. If all we want to do in fiction literature is escape the world, then it will only hinder us in our lives. Yet, when you look at Mole from Wind in the Willows; or Mary from The Secret Garden; or Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy from The Chronicles of Narnia; or Hans from Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates; or Cyril, Anthea, Robert, and Jane from Five Children and It, or Roberta, Peter, and Phyllis from The Railway Children, (the list can go on and on), you can easily see what a good character is like (sometimes how they become a good character) and how they live their lives, and they have all sorts of fun adventures in the process!

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If you are someone with similar interests in literature as me, than you might just be the person I have been looking for to collaborate with. Two voices are better than one. Send me an email!

Your fellow writer,
Joshua Reynolds



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