Learn to Write a Novel for Free!

Welcome to the relaunched website of Conservative Cornerstones! I have decided to give an entire video training course away for free. My Writing Imagination Course, which takes a writer from first conceptualizing a story to having a finished manuscript ready for publication, consists of five modules that you have access to right now on YouTube!

Click here to watch the Writing Imagination Academy Course playlist for free

There is a secret Pre-Module to the course that I only hand out for those who are subscribed to my email list. Not subscribed? Click the button at the bottom of this post!

The five modules of the course are as follows:

Module 1: How to Write an Outline and Block Out Your Book

Module 2: Constructing the First Three Chapters

Module 3: The Theme of Redemption

Module 4: Completing the First Draft

Module 5: How to Revise

In addition to the great WIA free course, I am launching daily YouTube videos that give writing motivational tips. Head on over to my YouTube channel to check them out!

I plan to also be broadcasting a weekly podcast and keeping up with my blogging.

Your fellow writer,
Joshua Reynolds




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