A Manor House in Yarmouth

It’s the countryside in Edwardian England. Six children walking in the rain at their aunt’s manor think that there could be nothing better to enjoy than the holiday they are on. . . .playing croquet, exploring the manor house with hundreds of rooms, visiting the seaside. . . .However, their mother becomes ill, and through a series of events, the children are left in Aunt Pheodora’s manor for two weeks’ time with only the servants and discover a plot by a gardener that could become disastrous.

When the children travel to where their mother and father are, they temporarily leave the adventures of the manor house to have different adventures around the city of Leeds. In the dark hallways of a castle, they find themselves in a place far less ruinous than what they had at first thought. With rich, plush furnishings and an expansive larder, they determine they do not belong in the castle. However, one of them falls into the cellar and getting back out is harder than falling in. Follow the Wilkinson children as they explore the seaside and Yarmouth docks, hide in dark rooms as they watch an attic door, wake up the stern housekeeper in the middle of the night, help a gardener, listen to and thwart a plan to steal a deed, fall into a cellar of a castle, recover a stolen pound in the city, and much, much more!