About the Proprietor

Hello there! Below, you will find the more conventional text to my biography explaining who I am. However, I thought I would precursor it by saying that my desire is to serve you through literature. The stories I write and encourage others to write are stories I want audiences to enjoy their entire lifetimes – stories that can refresh the reader instead of exhaust them – stories that build up and explore the wonderful world of imagination through descriptive settings and scenes as the characters walk through their plot lines. I hope you enjoy my website, and if you need anything, don’t be afraid to send me your email address so we can keep in touch!

Joshua A. Reynolds writes to redeem the innocence of the “permanent things” in literature; tell stories more imaginative, inspirational, adventurous, and wholesome; and to restore Christian and family virtues back into society. His aim is to write stories that build up and refresh the readers, to cultivate their minds, and help them enter the great world of wholesome, redemptive, and imaginative storytelling. Through his stories, readers can understand better historic cultures, architecture, places, and virtuous societal living in whatever adventures, scenarios, and environments the story leads through. The power of imagination is something all share, first manifested in our childhoods – one reason why children are usually among the main characters of his stories. Joshua is a member of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and holds to the reformed faith of Christendom. Russell Kirk’s conservatism most closely aligns with his political views and inspires his imaginative stories, along with authors such as Edith Nesbit, Frances Burnett, C. S. Lewis, Mary Dodge, Beatrix Potter, Kenneth Grahame, Mary Norton, and Lewis Carroll.

Over the course of many years, Joshua has also spent time re-enacting eighteenth century colonial history, and he plays the fife, rope-stretched snare drum, and Irish low whistle.

Check out his Authoring Conservatism post for more information regarding his religious and political views.

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