Summer with the Willows

Victorian America: parlors . . . sitting rooms . . . sun rooms . . . butler pantries . . . verandas . . . sloping slate roofs . . . wooden latticed windows with ivy . . . trellises . . . picket fences and gates . . . whitewashed church steeples . . . plush, velvet furniture . . .

Enter a Victorian mansion. Fletcher and Daisy are being adopted by the Willows family, and they soon realize that living with the Willows means adventure – climbing the sloping roof in a treacherous rain, exploring an old castle tower, running away from a sea captain, shooting off fireworks, sailing on a lake and nearly drowning! They are just getting adjusted in their new home and beginning to embrace the new members of their family when an unhappy succession of events strikes the house and forces Fletcher and Daisy away from the Willows. Their every thought is to get back to the Willows house, but the Willows themselves may have to leave the mansion.

            “But, why haven’t they come to visit?” asked Daisy sadly. “Don’t they love us anymore?”

            “Of course they do,” said Fletcher, “but it’s only been a few days. They might be trying to sell their house. Maybe, they had to find a temporary place to stay in elsewhere.”

            “It is sad, isn’t it, that we’ll never see that lovely house and gardens again?” asked Daisy. . . . . .

. . . . . .However, perhaps they do.