How to Edit Your Story Using Fillers


When I write a book, there are chapters that end up being shorter than what I need them to be. Usually, I write my first draft on pen and paper and transcribe it into a word processor. Pen and paper eliminates spending a whole day editing a few paragraphs around and not making more progress on your story (that’s something I call Editing Syndrome). It also eliminates the millions (okay, maybe just thousands) of distractions that come with a computer.

When I revise my story, I use a word processor – usually. There are times it is good to use real ink even when revising a story. If you realize that a chapter is too short or that you need to add a scene somewhere, going back to ink and paper is generally the best way to construct your scene.

I did this just today, and it worked!

The only steps you have to do is 1) plan where you are going to insert the new scene and edit the text accordingly for it. 2) Write the scene using pen and paper. 3) Transcribe it into the word processor where you are supposed to insert the text. 4) Read the new version and revise to make everything flow.

It’s really that simple. Try it for yourself.

Your fellow writer,
Joshua Reynolds


Literary Titan – Writer Resource

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Joshua Reynolds on Conservative Cornerstones – Author of Children’s Books / Family Stories – Finding Conservative Thought in Olde Books. Check out my Authoring Conservatism Post. Look up my two books, The Williams House and Treasure on the Southern Moor in my bookstore!

Edit Approved – Listen to My First Chapter

I have completed approving the editorial changes to my book Treasure on the Southern Moor. It’s almost in production! I just have to read through the manuscript one more time before final submission.

In the meantime, I published a video today of me reading through the first chapter in my published book The Williams House. This book is about eight children who live in the country and have all sorts of adventures. Take a look at the back text in my bookstore!


Joshua Reynolds on Conservative Cornerstones – Finding Conservative Thought in Olde Books. Check out my Authoring Conservatism Post.

Treasure on the Southern Moor – Edit almost complete!

I have completed chapters one through thirteen of my book Treasure on the Southern Moor and should have the remaining three chapters completed by the end of tomorrow! Then I will read through the manuscript one more time for final approval before sending the final work into production. Once the book is in production, I will be making decisions on what the final cover work will look like and how the typeset will appear. So far, this means that I am ahead of schedule and should have my book in print before September 1st. Stay tuned!

I put together a video advertising both my books The Williams House and Treasure on the Southern Moor. It’s a little rugged at parts, yet it was a first attempt at reading my own writing into the lens of a camera. I plan to continue making more videos in subsequent days. The British accent was way off at parts, but was passable at others. Enjoy!


Also, remember that I have sample pages of both my books uploaded on my website! Please check them out: The Williams HouseTreasure on the Southern Moor Also, please share this Williams House Ad! Please peruse this website, there’s a lot of side pages!


Joshua Reynolds on Conservative Cornerstones – Finding Conservative Thought in Olde Books. My Authoring Conservatism Post.

Edit Complete!

The editors have finally returned over my manuscript to me after their edit. Now, I must spend a few weeks approving the work and making any last changes before it’s off to the printers! Please be patient until then. I’m hoping to have Treasure on the Southern Moor in print by September 1st. Be looking on my Bulletin Board (homepage) and in my Bookstore to see when it is released! I will also be posting it on my blog.

This post has been edited to show final artwork:

In the meantime, I’ve been working for a while on other marketing venues for my first book, The Williams House. Just yesterday, I created a conservativecornerstones youtube channel and plan to upload a promotional video six days a week (when I can) on it. Just today I uploaded my first nature video. Enjoy!

Edit Stall / My Third Book


My editors are still in the process of editing my book Treasure on the Southern Moor at Xulon Press. The edit has taken a little longer than their estimate – I wonder what that means about my manuscript. . . .

Either way, I’m in communication with the production coordinator and still hope to have my second book published soon! In the meantime, I am continuing to get a storyline down for my third book and finding job opportunities elsewhere to supplement my writing.

My third book, as it stands, will be about a group of children in England during the Nineteen Aughts, in Victorian/Edwardian style. They will have many adventures centering around their own and their aunt’s estate, as their father inspects fishing vessels, and he with their mother have an unexpected leave that brings the children into quite a different place of England. . . .


Editing Progress

Hello all!

I have updated my bulletin board to include the expected end date of the editing for my book, Treasure on the Southern Moor. It is supposed to be finished by July 18th! Then I will have a week or so of looking through the edits before final submission, and then it’s off to the printers!


In the meantime, I am working on beginning ideas for my next couple books and will begin drafting storylines for them soon.

In the Hands of the Editors

Dear Reader,

My second book titled Treasure on the Southern Moor is currently in the hands of the editors of my publisher Xulon Press. I should have the returned manuscript approved in a few weeks, and then it is off to the printers! I am also working with the designer on cover design work. The book should be in the bookstore in around a month’s time.

I am also here linking to my brother’s blog, which is titled Commonwealth Crossings. He has recently been away to England for nine months doing research for his PhD, which is specializing in eighteenth century coffee houses. There is a mountain of history and English knowledge to be had by reading his writings, and I highly recommend! The pictures are stunning, and that coupled with his videos and stories have given the rest of my family and I a window into old and new English living and culture. I will also be putting this link at the end of my “About the Proprietor” page for now.


hE charis tou kurio iEsou christou meth humOn.

The grace of our Lord Jesus
Christ [be] with you.