New Websites!

Hello everyone,

I briefly mentioned the news in my Children’s Hour post, but I wanted to dedicate a blog post to it as well. I am launching new websites, but don’t worry! I’m keeping up with the old as well. I’m beginning other sites for focusing more specifically with certain topics. For instances, one of the two other sites I have completed is a blog dedicated entirely to writing about The Williams House. I am making new scenes for it! The other site I have completed is a site that complies all of my professional online business activities; so it’s more of a rebroadcasting and summarizing site. This site (Conservative Cornerstones) is currently the parent site, though I may make that the parent site over time. I am also created a website specially for Treasure on the Southern Moor, and additional websites to handle more of my writings. So please check out the links below, and I hope you enjoy them!

(1) Site for The Williams House:

(2) My summary website:

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