Bond Falls – Nature Blogging

These were photographs I had taken quite a few years ago. This place, Bond Falls, is on the west side of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and it was an inspirational place where I thought through ideas about the first book manuscript I wrote all the way through. It was more of a highschool project than anything else and all-together not publishable, yet the place was one that greatly enriched my love to write what I see.

Photoing the egret – Nature Blogging

The below is from another wordpress blogger on the Egret bird. It is part of the Heron family of birds and I found the photos fascinating (updates on my writing coming soon!)

Wasn’t long ago I was chasing around the red tail hawk , searching for a perfect shot . Then he seemed to disappear and as the warm weather came , he was difficult to find in the trees . So r…

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