The Cniht of the Hillocks

Before your great, great, great, great – many greats – grandfather was born. . . More than a thousand years ago. . . During a time when kingdoms were rising and falling on England’s soil. . . When Old English was rather the new way of speaking. . . Back in the 960s AD.

Enter an English medieval tale of honor, nobility, strength, royalty, and service in Knighthood! The time of the Anglo Saxons has reached a golden era, uniting seven kingdoms into one land named Englaland – the dwelling of the Angles. King Edgar the Peaceful is on the throne. Under his rule is an order of ruling knights – Ealdormen, Thegns, and Cnihts working with the Reeves and Bishops to administer the laws of the King and Archbishop. Threatened by invasion from without and disloyalty from within, the order is challenged to remain loyal to the King – lest their land be torn apart again into several kingdoms of warring factions.

Seth of Godfrey – with his two sisters – is an orphan of a lower class. He saves his ruling thegn’s life and through a series of circumstances becomes the Thegn’s Cniht – someone in tutorship of the nobility! From rags to riches, the boy is forced to learn the challenges and responsibilities that come with his new, favored position. He finds out that his thegn is involved in a desperate conflict with another thegn who is an old acquaintance and foe. Seth must help his lord prove the treachery of the enemy before counsels of other lords and nobles, defend the land of the Hillocks where his lord governs, and help keep peace throughout Englaland. Join him in wild galloping rides in the dead of night, striding quietly through the halls of his lord’s house, reading scrolls by moonlight, and competing before the nobility.